• Cover to Cover: Joani Lacy27:18


Just Published In 2016

An ex-model's homecoming to the hills of Kentucky takes a supernatural twist when she is confronted with unexpected trauma and impossible intrigue fused with spiritual forces she never imagined could be real.

Sorry's Run is a small town tucked away between the rolling hills of Kentucky and the Ohio River and steeped in history of pioneer women and the Underground Railroad. When stunning Shelby Jean Stiller is summoned back by her grandmother, she assumes it is just to help care for he ailing, cantankerous father. However, fate has something different in store for her. Tragedy and her own near-death experience, opens her mind to psychic sensitivities she never knew she possessed. Just as she is beginning to unravel the layers of mystery surrounding the town and see how she fits into its future, and past, she vanishes.

Friends from her glamorous life in New York City team up with people from her Kentucky roots to find out what really happened to her, and what other secrets the town is hiding. The story and characters travel between Kentucky and New York, as well as between the past and the present, creating a dreamy world that is at once fascinating and frightening.

The air escaped Shelby's lips in a rushed hiss as she returned from wherever Sorina had taken her. Her head reeled and then settled down to a slow spin as the women dropped their hands. Jessie watched. She hadn't gone with them on their journey.

"Did you see them?"

Shelby looked into the tinted glasses of her hostess and nodded.

"Lizbeth and Samuel, you saw them?"

"Yes, Sorina, I saw them. But what exactly did I see?"

"You saw slaves, Shelby, real live slaves runnin' for their lives, runnin' for this cottage all them many years ago to cross the mighty Ohio and find their freedom. That's what you saw."

"But how?" Shelby was aware that she was trembling.

"Because you have the seein' gift. You have it, girl, the ability to see what's not visible to other people. It's more than faith. It's a bridge between this world and another; a bridge between times. You have the gift just like your grandmother had it."